Carson J. Tucker, JD, MSEL Retired Navy SEABEE and Army JAG Helps Veterans in Court 

I am currently working on Ray Foster’s appeal. I argued his case in the Michigan Supreme Court in October:

I did a radio program about the Foster case and gave some background of how I got there, here:

I also argued the Dax Carpenter case in the Court of Appeals in November. The link for that audio is here:

That was a pro bono case I am handling. I’ve been doing these veterans’ cases for about 5 years now; I retired from the military in 2014 and started my own law practice. I was enlisted Navy SEABEE (combat warfare qualified) and then after 14 years of that, got my law degree and transitioned from E6 in the Navy to Army JAG for another 12 years (retired as a Major).

About 30 percent of my work now is pro bono for veterans. Some veterans do pay costs and expenses, or a one time fee. I supplement that work with my other regular legal work out of London and in the U.S.

I am in Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan on veterans’ cases and I am trying to start an organization that will pick up the legal fees so we can get more lawyers interested in defending our disabled veterans, rather than just taking their disability pay, which is what happens in most cases.

I would love to be able to do more networking and meet people and tell them my story (but more importantly the stories of the veterans I am trying to help, Ray Foster, Jeremy Miller, Todd Landen, Dax Carpenter, and many, many others. All heroes, all disabled veterans trying to protect their disability pay from unscrupulous state courts and state agencies and unethical lawyers!

Happy Thanksgiving. I am on Zulu time by the way; my main HQ base of operations (where I live now) is in the UK, but I come to the U.S. about once a month for my work. Thanks and take care.

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