Please PRAY for my long-time friend 20-year (Ret) Army Veteran Bill Wischnewsky

For over 20 years he had a company based in Columbus, Georgia helping active-duty military.  When Covid hit America last year and businesses were shut down, he has been struggling ever since  not to lose his company. Bill has been like a brother to me. He is a long-time supporter of our missions. Bill is on the Board of Directors of our Non-Profit and President of .

Bill just sent me this text message. Please PRAY for Bill and his Family and if you know anybody in Columbus, GA who could help him please let me know.

“Hey brother Bob, it was nice talking with you. I’m sorry about my health and financial situation. I turned 65 last year (2020) so I had to put in for Medicare even though I’m Retired Military.

So I submitted for Social Security then I got a bill from Medicare for almost $600 to cover September, October, November and December and they told me not to pay for it because it will all come out of my Social Security check.

January, I got a letter saying they have been cancelled for lack of payment.  I have been fighting tooth and mail since then So I couldn’t go see the doctors\. I’m on about 12 prescription meds, High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Met Forman for diabetes, several other things to include my meds for PTSD.

I finally got it straight last Saturday. Do you know I left home after I turned 13?  I was hoping to retire one day in the future.

My Health got pretty bad but now that I can see my Doctors, I’ll be on the right track soon.  My business went from $100,000 a month to about $4,000 a month.  I’m about ready to close the doors on my last Store to see if I can find a Job. When I retired with 20+ years and I mean I started this business as a general contractor, did very well and sold it. In the last 24 years I’ve been supporting Soldiers and their Families. I sort of supported groups, anything I could with awards and all sorts of stuff. “

Bill has helped us so much over the years and helped so many others. I am so sad to hear all that he has gone through. I wish I had a way to help Bill but with all my Health challenges I Pray for Bill and his Family and I am posting this here for my Prayer Warrior Friends.  Perhaps somebody will know somebody in Columbus, GA who can help Bill  Should you be able to help contact Bill at

Watch this Video I had the Honor to do a few years ago in what was his office/warehouse in Columbus, GA with (RET) Army SFC William Wischnewsky 20+ Years of Service to our Country. Founder of Veteran owned Company