Greeting everyone.  I wanted to update everyone today as 7 July is a very special day for Veterans Moving Forward.  Today, 10 years ago, we received our official notification from the IRS that VMF was a fully recognized Nonprofit Organization.

Over the past 10 years VMF has seen its share of ups and downs.  Today, I’m very pleased to say that VMF is definitely going up!!!  We continue to expand our “Paw Print” through our various training programs, expanding our volunteer base, increasing our training capabilities with our outstanding staff, and receiving donations from an increasing donor base.

I continue to be honored to have the privilege to serve with everyone at VMF and those who’s strong support over the years has enabled us to continue our mission.

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary I ask that everyone within the VMF Family, and for those who support our Service and Emotional Support Dog Training Program to donate today.  Please go to our website and make that tax-deductible donation as together we continue our program of providing Service and Emotional Support Dogs to veterans dealing with physical and/or mental challenges.


And please share this email with all of your friends, family and business connections as well as your own social media site too!!!

Here’s to another 10 years at VMF, and beyond!!!!!

Gordon Sumner, PhD

President & CEO

Veterans Moving Forward

“Service Dogs for Veterans”