Watch ALL Videos from the 2018 Symposium and Read about those on the videos

Watch ALL Videos from the 2018 Symposium and Read about those on the videos (501 C-3)

Introduce from the  2018 Symposium

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*Watch at the Annual 5th Symposium – The Honorable Robert Wilkie, Secretary, Dept of Veterans Affairs. Air Force/Navy Veteran/Naval Reserves. And Dr. Lynda Davis Chief Veterans Experience Officer for Dept of Veterans Affairs. Watch Dr. Lynda Davis Chief Veterans Experience Officer for US Department of Veterans Affairs and Mother of a Veteran. She is nationally recognized for her leadership in the development and implementation of significant and sustainable programs that successfully support the full spectrum of quality of life support and services for military personnel, veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors. They talk about providing Services to where our Veterans, Families, Caregivers, Survivors live. And Much More. Many videos to follow with great Americans!! Watch 24/7:

More information about Dr. Lynda Davis and the VA:


*Watch Dr. Lynda C. Davis Chief Veterans Experience Officer for VA, former Army Signal Officer and Mother of a veteran, Executive Vice President at the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), where she was the Executive Director of the Military and Veteran Caregiver Network (MVCN) Watch:

More Information about Dr. Lynda C. Davis:


*Watch Senator Elizabeth Dole at the 5th Symposium. She receives the Leo K. Thorsness Leadership Award and gives an amazing speech of her vision of the future! President Ronald Reagan appointed her to become the first female Secretary of Transportation. She served as Secretary of Labor under President George H.W. Bush, becoming the first woman to hold two different Cabinet positions in two different Presidential administrations. President of the American Red Cross in 1991. The first woman to win North Carolina’s Senate seat in 2002. In 2012, Dole founded the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to support military caregivers after witnessing the hardships these spouses, parents, siblings, and friends of wounded, ill, and injured veterans and service members face while she was caring for her husband, Bob, during an extended stay at Walter Reed Hospital. The VA has named The Elizabeth Dole Center of Excellence for improving veteran and caregiver services, after so many years of Service! And More. Please Listen to her Message for ALL Americans. Please Share Watch this video 24/7:

More Information about Elizabeth Dole and Elizabeth Dole Foundation:


*Watch Neil Stevens Partnership Director with  He is Medically Retired after 14 years of Service in the Marines and Army. He found a way through Psych Armor to help other Veterans. They provide Free Online Education to the 99% of Americans that did not serve to help them understand issues of who “we are” to Hire Veterans and Much more. It bridges the Gap of Understanding and how to Support them. Over 370 Partners they work with to provide the free services they offer.                  Watch:

More Information about Neil Stevens and Psych Armor:


*Watch John Pettay (Ret) Master Chief Coast Guard/Navy. Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman as USCG Medical SAR Aircrew. Now GA District Coordinator Region IV “Disasters are our business. Veterans are our Passion.”  “We unite the skills & experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.” Filmed at the 5th Annual Symposium of


More Info about John Petty and Team Rubicon:


*Watch at the 5th Annual Symposium  Patrick Griffith, Army Afghanistan Veteran and Southeast Regional Program Manager, Team Red, White and Blue “Enriching the Lives of America’s Veterans”  “Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.” Watch:

More Information about Patrick Griffith:


*Watch from the www.americaswarriorpartnership 5th annual Symposium, John Wiggins 30-Years (Ret) Marine. Veteran of Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom.  He is now Operations Manager at Palmetto Warrior Connection. “Our services are open to all Veterans, Military, and Military spouses. We believe in building relationships to generate solutions. Serving, honoring and supporting Palmetto State Veterans through cultivating a community of self-sustaining warriors. Cultivating a Community of Self-Sustaining Warriors”. Watch:

More Information about John Wiggins:

*Watch Jarrad Turner at Symposium. US Army Health Care Specialist/ Combat Medic US Army 7 years. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 and 2006. Now Director of Warrior Engagement Plus Scott Rigsby Foundation Director Warrior Services. Disabled American Veterans National Service Officer (NSO). Helping Service Members find purpose in their life as they become Veterans. Watch:

More Information about Jarrad Turner:

*Watch Ken Leslie, Advocate-in-Chief Formerly homeless himself, he’s been a comedian, Emmy winning producer and business owner. Janine Yankley, National Collaborative Advocate. Janine is a Military Spouse. Her husband is a Senior Chief. “Veterans Matter Houses America’s Heroes, 2,400+ Housed to Date – #Mission1000more Watch:

More information about: Ken Leslie, Janine Yankley and Veterans Matter:


*Watch Lloyd Knight 20-Year Veteran, President of Lloyd is the Moderator for this Symposium Session “Harnessing Corporate Resources to Build a Veteran-Friendly Community”. Panelists: Bethany George, The Home Depot, Vivian Greentree, First Data, Dino Perone, AT&T, Jason Wright, JP Morgan Chase. Please Share  Watch:

More information on Lloyd Knights, Bethany George, Vivian Greentree, Dino Perone, Jason Wright:


*Watch General Session 1 Defining Community and Collective Impact at 5th Symposium: Fred Wellman (Ret Army) Advocating for Veterans and Military Families & Empowering those who Support them, Kelly L Land, Exists to accelerate the transition from military to civilian life, Jim Lorraine, CEO America’s Warrior Partnership, Jim McDonough IVMF Provided Programs & Services to more than 20,000 veterans, service members and their families in 2017, Karl H McDonough a community-based initiative designed to involve a greater number of individuals in veteran reintegration efforts. Please Share. Watch:

More Information about Fred Wellman, Kelly L Land, Jim McDonough, Karl H McDonough


*Watch 24/7: Empowering Women Veterans in Your Community *Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas, PhD Military Health Researcher. *Mary Beth Bruggeman Vice President of Program Strategy *Kacie Kelley, The Bush Institute Program Director, Health and Well Being. George W. Bush Institute *JJ Pinter Combat Veteran Executive Director of Team Red, White, and Blue *Antonieta Rico Veteran NCO, U.S. Army Military Spouse Director of Communications and Policy at Service Women’s Action Network *Kayla Williams Center for a New American Security Senior Fellow at CNAS; Author Please Watch and Share. Watch:

More Information about Dr. Henricks, Mary Bruggeman, Kacie Kelley, JJ Pinter, Antonieta Rico, Kayla Williams:


*Watch Sebastian Junger the #1 New York Times bestselling author of War, The Perfect Storm, Fire, and A Death in Belmont. Together with Tim Hetherington, he directed the Academy Award-nominated film Restrepo, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. He is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and has been awarded a National Magazine Award and an SAIS Novartis Prize for journalism. He lives in New York City. 2007-2008 Sebastain was in Afghanistan. He was the Keynote Speaker at the 5th Symposium Please Share. Watch:

More information about Sebastian Junger:


*Watch Major General Mark Graham, U.S. Army (ret), Almost 35 Years of Service. Senior Director Rutgers UBHC National Call Center. Included in his duties is Director, and several other programs. Honoring the memory of their Sons, 2LT Jeff Graham killed by an IED in Iraq in February 2004, and their son Kevin a Senior Army ROTC cadet who died by suicide in June 2003. Vets4Warriors provides confidential 24/7 support for all service members, Veterans and their families. 855-838-8255 Discover the power of connection. Veterans Helping Veterans. Filmed at Symposium Watch:

More Information about Major General Mark Graham and vets4Warriors:


*Watch from the 2018 Symposium “One is Too Many – Combatting Veteran Suicide” *Watch Dr. Keita Franklin, a member of Senior Executive Service, Director for the Defense Suicide Prevention Office. She is responsible for policy and oversight for the Departments Suicide Prevention programs. *Frank Larkin was a Navy Seal and a State Trooper. He is Father of a decorated Navy Seal Ryan F. Larkin who took his own life. Frank’s New Role is Advocate for Veterans. *Major General Mark Graham, U.S. Army (ret), Almost 35 Years of Service. Senior Director Rutgers UBHC National Call Center. Included in his duties is Director, and several other programs. Honoring the memory of their Sons, 2LT Jeff Graham killed by an IED in Iraq in February 2004, and their son Kevin a Senior Army ROTC cadet who died by suicide in June 2003. Vets4Warriors provides confidential 24/7 support for all service members, Veterans and their families. 855-838-8255 Please Share!! Watch:

More information about: Dr. Franklin, Frank Larkin, Major General Mark Graham and Vets4Warriors:


*Watch Chantel Dooley, Impact Assessment, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors TAPS “Caring for the Families of America’s Fallen Heroes” Since 1994. TAPS has provided comfort and hope 24/7 through a National Peer Support network and connection to grief resources, all at no cost to surviving families and loved ones. *Seminars *Youth Programs *Retreats *Expeditions *Inner Warrior *Empowerment *Peer Mentors *teams4taps Online Community Care Groups Filmed at the 2018 5th Symposium Please Share. Watch:

More Information about Chantel Dooley and TAPS:


*Watch from the 2018 Symposium The Good, The Bad, The Facts – Funders Panel: *René Bardorf, Wounded Warrior Project Senior Vice President of Government and Community Relations, US Marines 5 years; *Catharine Grimes, Director, Corporate Philanthropy at Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation; *Marcus Ruzek, Program Director The Marcus Foundation, US Army 13 years; *Brenda Suits, Bank of America Foundation, Senior Vice-President, Global Corporate Social Responsibility. Please Share. Please:

More information about Rene Bardoft, Cahtarine Grimes, Marcus Ruzek, Brenda Suits:


*Watch from the 2018 Symposium. Announcement and Introduction to this panel by CEO and Veteran Jim Lorraine. “Homecoming – It’s All Relative”. Moderated by: Jon Scott, Fox News. Panelists: Melissa Comeau, American Red Cross Military and Veteran Caregiver Network Josh Goldberg, Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth, David Gowel, Amy Looney, Travis Manion Foundation. Watch:

More Information about Jon Scott, Melissa Comeau, Josh Goldberg, David Gowel, Amy Loomey:


*Watch at the 2018 Symposium – “Operation Deep Dive’ Panel. Moderator: Leah Taylor, Program Manager, Operation Deep Dive, America’s Warrior Partnership. Panelists: Karl Hamner, Ph.D., Director Office of Evaluation, College of Education, University of Alabama. Phillip N. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Southern Alabama, Darnell Hartwell, Deputy Coroner, Berkeley County Coroner’s Office, Berkeley County Coroner’s Office. Jarrad Turner, Director of Warrior Engagement ‘Operation Deep Dive’ To Examine Veteran Suicide Causes and Factors — America’s Warrior Partnership and University of Alabama Partner to Conduct First of its Kind, Four-Year Research Initiative. Please Share. Watch:

More information about Leah Taylor, Karl Hamner, Phillip N. Smith, Darnell Hartwell, Jarrad Turner at:


*Watch Jim Lorraine: He Served 22 years as a Air Force Officer and Flight Nurse. His Service includes operations in Saudi Arabia, Central America, Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Jim is President and CEO of Jim with closing remarks at the 2018 Symposium. Vets Helping Vets! Watch:

More information about Jim Lorraine and America’s Warrior Partnership at:


*Watch from the 2018 5th Symposium. The Final Video with (Ret) Colonel John DiPiero, 29-Year (Ret) Air Force Veteran, Rotary and Fixed Wing Pilot, Commander, staff officer. Military Affairs Relationship Director, Military Advocacy Director, (Veterans Engagement & Hiring), USAA Military Affairs Team. USAA works with and Help about 50 Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) including America’s Warrior Partnership, American Legion, VFW, Wounded Warrior Project and more. USAA has hired thousands of Veterans and they seek to Hire More! Please Share. Watch:

More Information about (ret) Col John DiPiero and USAA at:


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