Watch Veterans at PointMan Ministries at Mount Carmel Veterans Service Center

Watch Veterans at PointMan Ministries at Mount Carmel Veterans Service Center

April 4, 2018 I had the Honor to interview more Veterans here in Colorado Springs at a Point Man Ministries weekly meeting that took place at Mount Carmel Veterans Service Center. This video is now posted on our social media pages:

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Watch Veterans at their weekly Point Man Ministries of Colorado Springs Meeting at Mount Carmel Veterans Service Center Each Veteran talk about their Service to our Country and being involved with Point Man Ministries. (Ret) LTC Jay Magee, SGT William Richardson and Ann Marie Richardson and their Service Dog, (Ret) SGT Jason W. Rumsey, PN3 Park Major, (Ret) SFC John A Buchanan, Cynthia Barrington, LPN, SGT John C. Freyto “Lucky”. Watch as they Share about their Service and their medical experiences including with the VA. Please Watch and Share

Here is where the posts are: invite you all to Watch and Share and post a comment with your Share.April 17th I will be connected via Skype to the TV Studio at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii and I will interview a Soldier. There may be more Skype calls with them after the 17thSometime this month I will also have a program with Professor Jasmine Townsend with Clemson University and Jim Larraine with America’s Warrior Partnership  to talk about the results of the research collaboration between Clemson University and America’s Warrior Partnership.  “The project measures the impact of adaptive sports and recreation-based therapy for military service members, veterans and their families.”Thank You for taking the time to watch this video with more amazing Veterans who Served our Country. And now like so many Veterans I have had the Honor and Privilege to meet over the past 12+ years — they are out there helping other Vets. PointMan Ministry is a Christian Ministry for Vets by Vets.Blessings

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