Watch Lacie Lloyd Wife of Iraq Veteran & Realm of Caring Foundation Care Specialist. Providing Support Services & Resources for those using Hemp and Cannabinoid products

Watch Lacie Lloyd Wife of Iraq Veteran & Realm of Caring Foundation Care Specialist. Providing Support Services & Resources for those using Hemp and Cannabinoid products


Veteran Lacie Lloyd Care Specialist, Realm of Caring Foundation

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About Realm of Caring

RoC’s mission is to provide research and education for those using cannabinoid therapies. By funding and conducting research, we learn more

Care Team

RoC’s dedicated team of Care Specialists is here to help clients with a multitude of questions focused on helping clients achieve a better quality of life. To date, RoC Care Specialists have spent over 1 million minutes on the phone and continues to answer hundreds of phone calls and emails every day from clients seeking support for cannabinoid therapies.

The Care Team is service-oriented and focused on providing as much information on cannabinoid products to clients and healthcare professionals as possible. They also serve to empower individuals to educate themselves and the public on the potential benefits of using cannabis as a complementary therapy.

Through research and education, the Care Team provides support that is unrivaled, up-to-date, and professional. At this time, information provided by the Care Team is complimentary for clients. Funding for Programs and Services Donations and funds raised are returned to programs and services like Realm Cares.

The goal of Realm Cares™ is to help alleviate part of the financial strain associated with trying cannabinoid therapy which is not covered by insurance. Family assistance grants are a monthly dollar amount, directly deposited into the recipient’s bank account, for an individual or family to utilize as they see fit. Recipients may remain in the program for up to two years at this time.

RoC also has a relocation program called Joy Fund. The goal of this funding is to alleviate the financial strain of relocation from another state to gain access to cannabinoid therapies. Applicants who are accepted will receive a two-part award: a $2,500 interest-free loan and a $2,500 relocation grant. The award can be used at the recipient’s discretion.

RoC asks for repayment of the loan in order to pay it forward, to assist more families in need.

RoC Client Orientation Series

The goal of “RoC Client Orientation” is to inform new and existing clients about the variety of cannabinoid therapies and to provide an opportunity to ask questions to a Realm of Caring representative. All new clients and their families are encouraged to participate in at least one orientation class as the information is invaluable especially when beginning your journey with cannabinoid therapies.

Currently, the orientation series is held twice a month (on Tuesday at 1pm MST Time) and you can participate by coming to RoC’s office or you can watch live on RoC’s YouTube Channel:

Research Initiatives

By funding and conducting research, RoC learns more about cannabis and its effects on the clients it serves. It also enables RoC to give data driven answers to consumers and medical professionals.

Realm of Caring has the largest research registry in the United States in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania. RoC also conducts studies with Harvard, Colorado State University and Veteran Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System.

Realm of Caring Foundation has partnered with Johns Hopkins University to expand the ONLINE Observational Research Registry (ORR). It is an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved study.

In addition to studying effects of cannabinoids in epilepsy, the registry will enroll those diagnosed with cancer, autoimmune disorders, pain disorders and mental and behavioral disorders to discern possible benefits of cannabinoid therapies.

RoC is organizing these studies to gain more information about how the quantity and ratio of oils affect individuals at varying stages of health. Participation in the research registry is not required. However, clients are strongly encouraged to participate for several reasons. Participation will benefit future clients in terms of how CBD, THC or THC-A might affect them, and research continues to legitimize cannabinoid therapies.

Please keep in mind that participant information is de-identified to ensure confidentiality, and it is NOT a placebo study. Participants in the research are welcome to participate in other clinical trials as they become available. RoC receives several requests daily to conduct research studies on cannabinoid products and are thrilled to have more documented observational research studies taking place.

RoC has put together a council, the Scientific Exploratory Council (SEC), for those physicians and entities conducting studies pertaining to cannabinoid therapy and families/individuals using these products.

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