Watch Jonathan Dade MBS, MTS, Navy, Author The Church and the Community, Rabbi Messiah Echad Congregation Austin, Texas

Watch Jonathan Dade MBS, MTS, Navy, Author The Church and the Community, Rabbi Messiah Echad Congregation Austin, Texas and

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Jonathan Dade, LT Junior Grade Navy Veteran

MBA, MTS, Author of “The Church and the Community”

25 LIFE REALIZATIONS from a Black Veteran who overcame racial prejudices, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide to become very successful in Business, Ministry and Life

Messianic Rabbi at Messiah Echad Congregation in Austin, Texas  With over 100 in the Congregation including many Veterans.

He is Chaplain on Bicycle Rides in Texas and the 2018 Face of America RIDE on the east coast with over 500 Veterans and Wounded Warriors

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ABOUT Jonathan Dade


A man with a spiritual calling, heart to lead and mind that understands business, Jonathan Dade is known for the value he brings to organizations.


Since his teen years, he has been actively involved in caring for the well being of those around him and has worked to integrate faith into our increasingly worldly society. As the Managing Director and Pastor for RLB Echad LLC, Jonathan guides an organization that (a) helps for-profit business leaders provide a way for employees to fully engage at work, by leveraging religious advisor services, (b) helps executive leaders balance their personal and professional lives and (c) helps non-profit leaders make sound business decisions.


Prior to organizing RLB, Jonathan managed for PepsiCo Frito Lay in the Northern Virginia Zone. Frito Lay is world renowned for their quality in convenience snack foods but the company is also active supporters of their local communities. And of mention was an event Jonathan organized with a Boys and Girls Club, which led to Mayor Lorenzo of Atlantic City NJ declaring 07 March as Frito Lay Day. Then prior to Frito Lay, Jonathan worked for Graphic Packaging in Marion OH, helping the factory to improve its processes and advance the company culture.


Jonathan has also served in the United States Navy and was honorably discharged in 2009 as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. In his over 6 years of service, he held a variety of billets in the Navy to include Assistant Security Manager, Military Judge (Traffic Court), Executive Assistant, Repair Division Officer, Preventative Maintenance Division Officer, Special Intelligence Division Officer and Medical Officer.


For his education, Jonathan received a Bachelors of Science in Biology (with a minor in Chemistry), from Prairie View A&M University. He also attended Washington State University College of Business, where he studied in the Executive Masters of Business Administration program and completed his capstone project (thesis) on what eventually became RLB. His extensive research includes; leveraging pastoral models to improve employee engagement, promoting work life balance lifestyles to prevent leadership burnout and encouraging non-profits to seek experts of business administration for helping grow or sustain the success of their organizations.


To round out his education, Jonathan also worked to achieve a Master of Theological Studies from Colorado Christian University, with a focus (thesis) in Messianic Jewish Apologetics to a Christian Audience. Oh, and did we mention that Jonathan published a book (The Church and The Community)!?


On a personal note, Jonathan married Melinda Lee in 2010, after having met her at a bible conference several years earlier. They had kept in contact throughout his service in the military and their marriage is a testimony to benefits of following His Word.


And above all, Jonathan is active in his ministry through Messiah Echad, with a heart specifically for training our younger generations, understanding the Jewish roots of the Bible and worshipping the Lord through music. If you ever find yourself traveling through Austin TX, be sure to visit Messiah Echad, which incorporates Christian Theology, Jewish Understanding and a Love For People.

Company Bio


RLB Echad LLC is an ethically based consulting organization that was founded back in 2012, when our founding members solved the building lease concerns of a church and the financial needs of a synagogue. We had already been Managers of Global 500 Companies, Pastors of Churches, Officers of the Government and Scholars of Business Administration… so uniting our gifts to help Religion, Leadership and Business find Echad (Oneness), was a natural progression. We discovered that our calling is to provide business consultation to non-profits, work life balance coaching to leaders, and religious advising services to for-profit organizations.


We learned that our customers are non-profits facing tough business decisions, leaders seeking more balance in their lives, and businesses seeking to become best places to work. Lastly we developed our balanced, integrated and streamlined approach, to provide an unmatched quality and tangible value. And to learn even more, send us an email or give us a call 1.512.525.0736


Mission Statement and Vision


RLB Echad LLC is an ethically based consulting organization, which exists so that Religion, Leadership and Business may find Echad (Oneness). We provide business consultation and project management to non-profits, we coach leaders to grow their careers while maintaining healthy work life balances and we offer religious advising to for-profit organizations.


Our goal is to be the most widely used business consultants in non-profit markets, the standard for religious or spiritual advising in for-profits, and an overall best place to work.



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