Updates on our websites and more May 19, 2020

Updates on our websites and more May 19, 2020

If you are hearing about us for the first time please read our ABOUT US link from the top of our Home page. You will read some of our history since December 2005 with more details about my health and Progress on our Transition plans that will continue our mission for years to come:           http://talkingwithheroes.com/about-talkingwithheroes

We have hundreds of videos at: www.youtube.com/bobc9246

As of today 548,380 have watched Videos!!

We are re-building what used to be our News Site www.thankyouforyourservice.us —  to a National Resource Site for Military, Veterans, First Responders, Support Groups, Companies who Hire and Support those who Served, professionals helping with PTSD, TBI, Suicide Prevention, Recreational Wellness and  more.

Military Support and Veterans Groups are already registering. Check out some of the Categories on the GRID on the Home page www.thankyouforyourservice.us  We are working on getting the Registration process automated. For more details on Registering please email me  bob@talkingwithheroes.com

Also orders are coming in from our For Profit Company www.shopamerica.us  We will be adding a unique affiliate fund raising program and announce shortly our new partner who we met via LinkedIN.  The most ordered product so far are Pharm Origins Conolidine 1 for Pain Relief. To check out some of the studies go to Google Search and type in Conolidine. While there you may see our ShopAmerica.US too.

We look forward to collaborating!  Be Safe. Protect yourself and your Family!!!

Thank You
Bob Calvert,Founder
Email: bob@talkingwithheroes.com