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Talking With Heroes Program Updates and Announcing NEW Online MALL


TalkingWithHeroes Programs and Announcing New Online MALL

Our First www.TalkingWithHeroes.Com 2013 Updates!!

Listen 24/7 to New Talk Show Programs:

Thursday Jan 31st we had one of my live talk show events in Edmonds, Washington with Gold Star Families and Micheal Reagan with Their stories are so so moving. I encourage you to listen when you are working at your computer, on
your tablet or smartphone:

From 2006-2011 we made 5 trips to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan bringing back on video unedited footage with our Troops, Civilians and Local People documenting progress and positive stories. Hundreds of videos are at:

The 2011 Trip Footage are also now on DVD's!

Since our last trip in late 2011 I went through three surgeries. It has been strange to be grounded while going through rehab. Not having a car for the past 7 years living on a small fixed income has made this more challenging. However I and the small group of people who keep helping are determined that the mission goes on. We ReLaunched the Audio Program on Dec 6, 2012.

These 9 New Programs include two programs with Troops calling in LIVE from Afghanistan, from Gold Star Families, from Veterans, From Military Support and Veterans Groups and from Companies who have made these programs possible. Over 8,000 have listened so far as a result of people like you who take the time to listen and let others know about these programs so that they can listen too.

Details and Photos of these talk show events are on our online news site:

To Listen to these programs 24/7 go to:

Our last program in this new series is Feb 7, 2013 at 9pm EST with Andy LaPointe Owner of TraverseBayFarms. I interviewed Andy a few years ago on a 24 hour Veterans WebAThon Talk Show. Andy will talk about their American Farm growing Fruits proven to be healthy for us humans!! See Details at:

New Fund Raising Online MALL Now Open: began in Nov. 2005. All the programs that followed happened as a result of sponsors/Advertisers. Living on a small fixed income these past years with no car or furniture caused us to rely on being able to find sponsors/advertisers. Over the past
year it has become clear that we would have to find new ways to continue this mission.  is now officially launching. There are five companies represented so far:
1. Our TalkingWithHeroes trip to Iraq and Afghanistan now on DVD's

2. WalMart — Save Money on thousands of items in Walmart's Online Store

3. Solavei — Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill with unlimited Talk, Text and Data on the T Mobile Network plus an amazing Customer Reward Program that Pays Us Money
4. Traverse Bay Farms — one of our Sponsors with great and proven Health Products Grown and Packaged in America
5. Blog Talk Radio — You can have your own talk show too

You can now shop in the for great and affordable Products and Services. And You can now Shop and You Choose Income and Fund Raising Opportunities that are FREE for you to Enroll into. Check out the info on the soon to be opened FREE Enterprise Store.
We ask each of you who Support Our Troops, Veterans and Families to take time while you are working on your computer, on your Tablet or SmartPhone to Listen to these Talk Show Programs and to Check out our New Online Shopping Mall. There will be many more companies added in the months ahead.

I am also working on a New Concept for TalkingWithHeroes.Com Talk Show(s) that will take Talking With Heroes Nationwide in Cities across the Country.

Stay Tuned:)


Bob Calvert, Founder and Host

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