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NEW Programs On the Air – Listen 24/7

Listen 24/7 to NEW Programs on Andy LaPointe Owner of is back on the air with his Health and Wellness Talk. On his latest program he talks more about health issues and especially eating healthy in Restaurants!! Plus listen to leaders with Help Our Hospitalized Veterans, Listen to 94 Year old WWII Veteran Leon Cooper, Listen to Bert Gillette with an Alliance of over 20 Military and Veterans Support Groups, and Listen 24/7 to troops calling in from Afghanistan. With all that we have been hearing on the news about the VA and our wounded active military and veterans these are great programs to listen to. Please SHARE!

Recent NEW Programs On the Air

Listen 24/7:

Andy LaPointe Owner of is back on the air with his Health and Wellness Talk. Andy is also one of our Vendors and on the advisory team of our soon to be released On this program Andy talked about eating healthy while in restaurants!!

Andy talks with Bert Gillette with R4Alliance – Helping Military and Veterans


Listen 24/7 to Andy LaPointe, Host of the Health and Wellness Show interview Bert Gillette. In the aftermath of Post-911 conflicts, more than 650,000 service members are returning home with disabilities that will require continued care. An integral aspect of this care provision lies in finding healthy alternatives to pharmaceutical interventions. A CALL TO ACTION is needed NOW! R4 Alliance (a 501c3 non-profit organization) has launched a collaborative outreach initiative to promote organizations with the highest standards.

Bob talks with 94-year-old WWII veteran Leon Cooper – Returning to the South Pacific


Listen 24/7 to 94-year-old WWII veteran Leon Cooper talk about his returning to the South Pacific to film a sequel to the award-winning documentaries, “Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story”, and “Until They Are Home”, by Vanilla Fire Productions. Mr. Cooper has been on a personal mission for a decade to shine a light on the 88,000 MIAs from Vietnam, Korea and WWII that have never made it back from the war. Mr Cooper is asking everybody to contact Senators Boxer and Feinstein and Congressman Waxman to ask our Ambassador to the Philippines to help Leon Cooper when he is in the Philippines for the first two weeks of June 2014. I am shocked that the Ambassador has not responded. We need to help change that. Remember the words “Never Leave a Man Behind”? That is not the case here and we as Americans need to help change this. Please Listen to this program and then Share this Program with everybody you can!

Bob talks with Gold Star Mom Monica McNeal talking about her son LCpl Eric L Ward and More


Listen to Monica McNeal Gold Star Mom of Fallen Hero Lance Corporal Eric L. Ward talking about her Son who died in Afghanistan in 2010. She will talk also about what Memorial Day means to her and her family. We will also hear a message from USAA.

Listen to Leaders with Help Hospitalized Veterans – Helping Wounded Warriors and Veterans

Details at:

Listen 24/7 to Lisa Smith and Frank Cimorelli talk about Help Hospitalized Veterans – how their Help Hospitalized Crafts Center Helps Wounded Warriors and Veterans. Plus they talk about Jefferson Starship Band performing at a free “Salute to America” concert on Flag Day, Saturday, June 14, at 7:30 p.m. in Grand Junction, CO. With all that has been on the news concerning the VA this is a program to listen to!!! Please SHARE

Listen to Ft Carson 4ID Soldiers Call In LIVE from Afghanistan

Listen 24/7 as Sgt. Beatriz Trujillo, Pvt. ShiAnne Velez, Maj. Kathryn Nilsen, Maj. Frances Smith, SSG Rob Oson with Ft Carsons 4ID Called in Live from Kandahar, Afghanistan with Shout Outs to Family and Friends back home, progress news, about care packages and letters from home and more. They talk about International Women’s History Day. Please SHARE this info.

More Programs are being planned including our kickoff program to launch

All of our previous audio programs can be listened to 24/7 at:

Hundreds of Videos from our 5 trips to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan can be watched 24/7 at:

Over 227,000 have now watched one or more of these videos showing unedited about the great work our troops and civilians did year after year in Iraq and Afghanistan helping the people.

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