Non Profit Seeking Grants to Launch New Social Media Platform

Non Profit Seeking Grants to Launch New Social Media Platform

Grant Request for Non-Profit

ThankYouforYourService.US LLC

Colorado Corporation

Federal 501 C3 30-0994065

Talking with Heroes, and our Non Profit Thank You for Your Service, have been and continue to collaborate with military support and veterans’ groups, along with businesses since Dec. 2005.


We seek $25,000 to build and launch Thank You for Your Service Social Media Platform website. WebroQ, will design our website.


Grants could be $5,000 each from Foundations or Companies. Each Foundation or Company who contribute to launching LLC will be Thanked on our Home Page permanently!


Our New Social Media Platform will be for, by and about those who Serve(d) – military, veterans, first responders, families, caregivers, military support, veterans’ groups and businesses. will help Military Support and Veterans Non-Profits with getting their mission out to more who are or have served and their Families. And to help For-Profit Businesses who are Hiring Veterans and Military Spouses and who are helping Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) and Non-Profit Support Groups. 


ThankYouforYourService.US will offer collaborator channels to military support and veterans groups, their families, businesses, individuals and professional people who Honor and Help those who have or are serving and their families.


$15,000 of  $25,000 in grants will go directly to design the new social media platform website.


$5,000 will pay one or more Veterans or Active Duty Spouses to help get information to the 30,000+ who are connected with LLC on Facebook pages, LinkedIN, Twitter, Alignable, Pinterest, so they can enroll into our new social media platform.


$2,500 will pay  Ziliak Law Firm for all  legal work and filing all the forms they did to make Thank You for Your a Federally approved 501 C3 Tax Exempt Non Profit.


We also are now registered Dun & Bradstreet Number and to apply for Government grants our SAM and CAGE Numbers thanks to Anita Nowocin a Grant Writer.


$2,500 will enable to continue our 13+ year mission with more video talk show events in Colorado and on the East Coast. LLC was on the air with audio and video programs since December 2005, including five trips to Iraq, three trips to Afghanistan and interviews from over 100 military support groups across the United States of America from 2006-2019.


During that time ThankYouforYourService.US was our News Site with new stories published daily. ThankYouforYourService.US will now become America’s new Social Media Platform with a bigger and expanded mission. 


We will continue our 13+ year mission by collaboration with more military support and veterans’ groups, foundations and for-profit businesses across America. Social Media Platform will offer those who honor, help and support those who serve(d) our country an effective means to better share their inspirational stories with our nation.


More information on our 13 year history can be found at:


Thank You

Bob Calvert, Founder Non Profit with an Expanded Mission!