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Listen: Rick Collins, British Veteran, Founder & ED Veterans 360™ & Carry The Challenge™

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Rick Collins, British Veteran, Founder and Executive Director Veterans 360™ & Carry The Challenge™ Vets 360’s primary mission is to “normalize and civilianize PTS which will in turn eliminate the stigma associated with it.”

It is the stigma that kills and a society who does not give those struggling with PTS, or mental health issues in general, an open and welcoming environment to share how they feel about the trauma they suffered.

Our military does not own PTS, period, PTS is a societal problem and will impact most of us during our lives. Until we can give EVERYONE a way to be open and honest about their struggles with stress after trauma epidemic levels of despondency and suicide will continue.

From first responders, victims of violence, children, and our military, anyone with PTS should be heard, not stigmatized, marginalized or treated like angry mental cases. Join the discussion, get educated, speak out and break the silence that surround PTS.

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