Collaborate with TalkingwithHeroes & ShopAmerica Go Fund Me campaign

Collaborate with TalkingwithHeroes & ShopAmerica Go Fund Me campaign

Collaborate with

Read about our 13+ history at:

and www.ShopAmerica.US/*****

Go Fund Me Campaign

Funds donated will fund our July 13th & 14th trip and filming in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Columbus, Georgia.

We will film July 13th inside the FDA Registered Lab in Atlanta and in their Corporate Office in Alpharetta, Georgia for our new Shopping & Fund Raising Site. To read about some of the Research and Studies by one of the Pharm Origins products type CONOLIDINE into Google Search. 

July 14th we will film in Columbus, GA inside the headquarters of This is a Veteran owned company led by William Wischnewsky, 20+ year Army Veteran and President of 

Bill and his company have been filming, taking photos, offering promotional items and more for Air Borne Association on Ft. Benning for 15+ years. Bill also has a store in the PX there.

Bill will announce that LightningGraphics will offer through ShopAmerica.US Custom Promotional items for Non Profits and For Profits across America as part of our ShopAmerica.US Fund Raising program. 

ShopAmerica.US/***** is a unique shopping and fund raising site launched by LLC. Many of the over 100 military and veterans support groups we have had the honor to meet and interview over the years can benefit from a new way to raise funds. Plus many people I have had the Honor to meet in person and over Social Media. We plan on this helping many. Your help with this trip will be greatly appreciated.

There will be videos created in Michigan inside the retail store with owner Andy LaPointe talking about their amazing grown, processed and  packaged here in America Fruit Advantage products.

A video will be recorded in Colorado Springs with 

A video interview I did with Navy Veteran Jonathan Dade about his book The Church and the Community will also be on ShopAmerica.US

Our plan is to have a video with every company we represent in ShopAmerica.US!!!

Everybody who donates to this campaign: You are welcome to post a comment with your donation and include your website address.

And for everybody who can donate $100 you can have your name, company name and your website on the credits of the videos filmed over the next 6 weeks!!

ShopAmerica.US website will be a new way to raise funds for Non Profits, For Profits and individuals!!! And we plan on adding more products over the months and years ahead especially Made in America Products.

As of June 14th thanks to Colin Clark we have our Plane Ticket. And thanks to PharmOrigins we no longer need to have a hotel room for the  night of July 12th in Atlanta. We are working now on covering the cost of two nights hotel in Columbus, GA and for GROOME Transportation to take me with my go go scooter from Columbus, GA back to Atlanta airport on July 15th plus Food while on the road.

Thank You


Bob Calvert  Non Profit with an Expanded Mission!