Bob Calvert

“I never served in the military but like many Americans people in my family did. Our dad served in WWII on an Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific. My youngest brother enlisted in the Air Force at 18 years old and served for 8 years. A few years ago at 44 he left a successful auto sales career and Re Enlisted into the Army. He is now a Captain at Ft Benning and recently returned from a deployment to Afghanistan.

I raised my daughter by myself from the time she was 2 and a half. Eight years ago at 18 years old she surprised me by enlisting in the Army. Her then boyfriend had already enlisted. I had no real personal experience with service in the military and realized I would have to learn how to support her now in the Army. A few years later I moved to Ft Riley where they were stationed. I was finding out about military support groups. In early 2005 he deployed to Iraq. Five days after he deployed my daughter gave birth to their first child at Evans Hospital on Ft Carson.

After he returned from Iraq he transferred to Ft Carson and then deployed for 15 months with the 1-8 where they served in Mosul, Iraq. He has since had surgeries, PTSD and TBI like many thousands of our military personnel across the country.

In Dec 2005 I started the Talking with Heroes talk show, interviewing military personnel and military support groups via phone and broadcast live on the internet. In 2006 and 2007 we went to Iraq three times. In April/May 2010 we went to Afghanistan with Ft Carson’s 4BCT 4ID. All those videos and more are on

In Aug/Sept 2010 I was back in Iraq with Ft Bennings 3HBCT3ID, Ft Carson’s 3BCT4ID, North Dakota National Guard then back over to Afghanistan with the Panjshir Province PRT. July of 2011 we were back in Iraq and August 2011 we were back in Afghanistan. All updates and video episodes are going on and

We are also putting all of the unedited footage from these trips onto a DVD Book Series. Watch and for announcements.

The American people are now watching many previously untold progress and positive stories directly from our military personnel, civilians, Iraqis and Afghans that there is in fact progress happening!. We are asking everybody to help get these videos out to other Americans!

I think it is important for us as Americans to be able to set aside politics and do everything we can to support our troops and their families, our veterans and their families, the wounded and more.”

Bob Calvert Host of