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ABOUT TalkingwithHeroes.com LLC


Updated January 1, 2019

TalkingwithHeroes.com LLC is a Missouri Corporation


Robert C. Calvert CEO/Founder and Military Family  (Our Dad, My amazing daughter Adrienne and Son n Law Keith 2 time deployed Iraq Veteran and  My Brother Ted (Air Force and now Retired Army) and Sister-n-law Brenda Air Force Nurse.

William Wischnewsky President of TalkingwithHeroes.com 20+ Year Army Veteran. Owner of   www.lightninggraphicsga.com in Columbus, GA filming for Air Borne Association and more for over 15 years at Ft Benning. He has a store in the PX on base. Bill has been my friend, Sponsor and Collaborator for over 13 years. He is also on the Board of Directors of our non profit that we hope will become a social media site early 2019   www.thankyouforyourservice.us

Some of our 13+ year History


I am Bob Calvert Founder of www.TalkingWithHeroes.com  I started our program December 2005 at 58 years young. I am a senior citizen now 72. I never served in the military but like many Americans people in my family did. Our dad served in WWII on an Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific. My youngest brother enlisted in the Air Force at 18 years old and served for 8 years. At 44 he left a successful auto sales career and Re-Enlisted into the Army. He is an Afghanistan Veteran and prior to his Retirement in 2018 he was a Commander of over 200 Soldiers with a Medical Company at Ft Sam Houston.


I became a single parent when my daughter was 2½. She surprised me by enlisting in the Army at 18 years old now 16 years ago. I had no personal experience with service in the military and realized I would have to learn how to support her in the Army. My Son n Law served for 10 years in the Army with two long deployments to Iraq. They are both now civilians with their own growing family (I now have four wonderful grandchildren)!


In Dec 2005 I started the Talking with Heroes talk show. It has never been your average radio program. After more than 13 years I interviewed military personnel and military support groups, veterans, Gold Star Families and more broadcast live on the internet and on video www.youtube.com/bobc9246


From 2006-2011 I made 5 trips to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan, documenting on video the Progress and Positive Stories that most Americans have seen little of. As of March 5, 2017 421,198  people have watched one or more video episodes on www.youtube.com/bobc9246


It is amazing to watch as the numbers grow daily of people watching across America and from other countries. The comments posted have increased. We are growing about 2,000 per month and that is all word of mouth and social media. 502,180 have watched one of our videos as of December 19, 2018. With all 2018 Videos posted with Military Support and Veterans groups across the Country the numbers watching keep growing!!


Watch Hundreds of Videos from our 5 trips to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan from 2006-2011: www.youtube.com/bobc9246 I have always believed that Millions would see the great work under often dangerous situations that these amazing men and women shared with us on Video. Unedited. It is their stories!!


Shortly after my last trip to Iraq and Afghanistan late 2011, I started having health problems that took me to emergency rooms and over the past 7 years I have had 7 surgeries including cryotherapy prostate cancer surgery and 3 surgeries on one foot. I get around now on a motorized scooter. Two years ago the prostate problems got worse. The PSA jumped to 38 and the pain from sitting got worse. After MRI and Full Body Scan and more it was determined that the Cryotherapy left scar tissue and lesions and the Cancer had spread into bones.  I was declared with Stage4Cancer. I am a patient at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and on Hormone medications with a big shot every six months. So far the medicines have kept the cancer from continuing to spread. Unfortunately after September 2018 the pains returned and increased. Despite all this and living on a small fixed income our Missions keep growing!! I hope to see our new plans get launched and see them growing.


1. Early 2019 we will Launch a New Website that will be the Shopping and Income Raising site we have been planning. Thank you to Moe Farhat with www.webinopoly.com for getting our new domain TalkingwithHeroes.net set up in 2019 on Shopify.com with our unique Affiliate program from www.jrox.com. This will be big boost for so many of us in raising funds and seeking more income for us and our Families, for Non Profits and For Profits. We will be reselling products and services for many companies with a unique affiliate program.
2. We are working on how to get our www.thankyouforyourservice.us site launched as America’s new Social Media site. Check out the text that is on the site now giving an overview of our plans. I have been meeting here in Colorado Springs with an owner of an international company who could build this for us. The big challenge is how to raise the $15,000 to get the site built and launched. A few days ago I was contacted by a lady who has been connected with us on Facebook for years. She has helped some Non Profits with submitting proposals for Grants to Foundations and more. We hope she will fell led to help us.
3. I am Honored to have been invited November 2018 by Air Force Combat Veteran William Terry to collaborate with him in 2019 organizing The Zortex Concert Tour in as many of 24 cities mostly on the east coast from Delaware to Florida. I hope that I will also get to be at some of these concerts in person with a video team especially the first one in February in Delaware. This will give more info and also watch the Video with William and some of the Band Members https://www.gofundme.com/heroes-in-collaboration
For Companies, Foundations or others who would like info about being a Sponsor of one or more of the Concerts please email me and I will send you a PDF File with details bob@talkingwithheroes.com
4. February 2, 2019 we will have a Meet and Greet event with local Military, Veterans and First Responders Support Groups and Companies who lead the way locally in supporting them followed by a Shout Out to our Troops Talkingwithheroes.com video event in a Event Room that seats over 200 people . This event will take place at a local Colorado Springs Hotel https://www.scphotel.com/   The Meet and Greet event will take place from 3pm to 4pm. The Shout Out Video event to our Troops will take place 4pm to 5pm. After our events people can stay for the weekly Saturday evening Concert. Please email me for more info  bob@talkingwithheroes.com

Over the past 5 years I interviewed over 100 with audio and video programs with an Alliance of Military Support Groups, Veterans, Caregivers, Families and Companies Hiring Veterans and more. They are part Four Star Alliance and part of www.americaswarriorpartnership.org


There are Hundreds of Videos on our Youtube Page and the latest videos are also now on our Home Page www.talkingwithheroes.com Our 2017 videos are at: http://talkingwithheroes.com/watch-2017-videos/


Most recently in September 2018 I had the Honor to be at the www.americaswarriorpartnership.org 5th Annual Symposium in Atlanta. All those videos are on our Home page and on: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBDuk_U6e1_yFRBRTX4Ai7lfEJLujIcT Articles about the men and women on the videos from Interviews at their Booths to Speakers and Session Panel Experts can be seen at: http://talkingwithheroes.com/watch-videos-2018-www-americaswarriorpartnership-org-symposium-read-videos/


For over 12 years we have been blessed to film many hundreds of video programs thanks to Sponsors.


Thank You to the following for making it possible to do all the programs

we have over especially the past 5 years:

*20-year (Ret) Army Veteran Bill Wischnewsky is the owner of Lighting Graphics in Columbus, GA www.lightninggraphicsga.com Bill is now President of TalkingwithHeroes.com LLC.


*Colin Clark in Colorado is a business man, and son of Judge William Clark who was National Security Advisor in the Reagan Administration. See Book – The Judge: William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan’s Top Hand by Paul Kengor  https://www.amazon.com/Judge-William-Clark-Ronald-Reagans/dp/1586171836/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537800387&sr=8-1&keywords=Judge+William+Clark+Book


*Eric Chia owner of www.chiaweb.com


As we receive more and more requests for programs and for going on the road to document via video at military support and veterans’ events, it became clear that we had to find a new way to raise funds. Living on less than $1,000 per month and with my credit max’d out it required finding a new way to be able to say yes when we are asked to do more. Early 2019 we will be Launching a New Shopping and Fund-Raising Mall. Stay tuned for the Kickoff Announcement!!!! This will be a New way for us to raise Funds as well as for hundreds of Military Support and Veterans Groups, Military and Veterans Families and much more!! This new site will be built with a www.shopify.com Template.


We are excited about what is coming next including with our new 501 C3 www.thankyouforyourservice.us We will be launching soon America’s newest Social Media Network.


Bob Calvert, Founder/CEO

www.thankyouforyourservice.us  Our 501 C3 News Site will have a new website soon and Re-Launch as our New Social Media Network!






Email: bob@talkingwithheroes.com