2019 Video Programs planned. Concerts on East Coast. Meet and Greet and Shout outs to Troops in Colorado Springs and More

2019 Video Programs planned. Concerts on East Coast. Meet and Greet and Shout outs to Troops in Colorado Springs and More

I look forward to seeing what we can do more in 2019! Info on our first 13 years history w/trips to Iraq & Afghanistan with our troops plus interviewing hundreds of Veterans & Military Support Groups go to: http://talkingwithheroes.com/about-talkingwithheroes/

Watch videos: www.youtube.com/bobc9246 with 2018 videos on www.talkingwithheroes.com


More Events are ahead in 2019!!


* In Colorado Springs I was contacted by Staff at https://www.scphotel.com/ They offered us a 200+ seats event center for a Meet and Greet Event with local Military and Veterans organizations, followed by a www.talkingwithheroes.com Shout Out to our Troops Video event on February 2, 2019. People could then stay for their Saturday Concert. I am talking with Support Groups in our area and a National Support Group who have a local Chapter. Local people please contact me for latest updates: bob@talkingwithheroes.com


** Dec 3, 2018, we filmed a video with William Terry Air Force Combat Vet, Wounded Warrior, Vet who helps Vets/Non-Profits, with “Leave It To Us Band” Members Evan, Dustin and Sean about why they will entertain Troops and more at Concerts early 2019 And why they will invite local area Military, Veterans, First Responders and Support Groups to each of the concerts in a Meet and Greet. More info: https://www.gofundme.com/heroes-in-collaboration


*** January 2019 we will launch our NEW Shopping and Income Raising website. We will resell for companies with a Unique Affiliate Program for individuals and Non Profits and more interested in more income. This site will be built on www.shopify.com by www.webinopoly.com with an affiliate program by www.jrox.com For info: bob@talkingwithheroes.com


**** Our 501 C3 www.thankyouforyourservice.us will launch soon as Americas New Social Media Network. A Veterans Spouse offered to help apply for a grant to build this site. Read more info on our site. Stay Tuned.


We are open to collaborating with others. If you see a path forward towards working together please let me know.


Thank You

Bob Calvert, Founder


www.thankyouforyourservice.us Our New 501 C3. When built the site will be a new social media platform.