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Watch John Pettay (Ret) Master Chief Coast Guard/Navy. GA District Coordinator Region IV TeamRubiconUSA Introduce John Pettay Retired Master Chief Coast Guard/Navy Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman as USCG Medical SAR Aircrew Georgia District Coordinator Region IV Watch 24/7: About John Pettay   Currently active volunteer with Team Rubicon USA as Georgia District Coordinator Region IV   Volunteer gray shirt & north Georgia District Engagement [...]


Watch Neil Stevens Medically Retired after 14 years in Marines & Army. Now Partnership Director with Psych Armor Introduce Neil Stevens, 14 years in the Marines and Army Medically Retired Now Partnership Director Watch 24/7: About Neil Stevens, SGT. (Retired) Now Program Director with   Neil Stevens brings over 14 years of experience in business development, marketing, and sales to PsychArmor Institute. He served more than 14 years [...]


Watch the Honorable Robert Wilkie, Secretary, VA. Air Force/Navy Veteran/Naval Reserves. Dr. Lynda Davis Chief Veterans Experience Officer VA Introduce from the 5th Annual National Symposium The Honorable Robert Wilkie, Secretary, US Department of Veterans Affairs. He served in the Air Force and Navy. Wilkie served in the United States Naval Reserve. Dr. Lynda Davis, nationally recognized for her leadership in the development and implementation of significant and sustainable programs that [...]