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Watch Jim Lorraine 22-Year Air Force & Pres./CEO America’s Warrior Partnership & Dr. Jasmine Townsend Asst Prof Clemson Univ and Introduce *Jim Lorraine 22-Year Air Force Officer/Flight Nurse and President/CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership *Dr. Jasmine Townsend, PhD, CTRS, Assistant Professor at Clemson University Talking about a Research Study on Recreational Wellness helping Military, Veterans with PTSD and More Watch 24/7: ABOUT Dr. Jasmine Townsend   Jasmine Townsend is a recreational therapist. [...]


Watch Lacie Lloyd Wife of Iraq Veteran & Realm of Caring Foundation Care Specialist. Providing Support Services & Resources for those using Hemp and Cannabinoid products Introduce Veteran Lacie Lloyd Care Specialist, Realm of Caring Foundation Watch 24/7: About Realm of Caring RoC’s mission is to provide research and education for those using cannabinoid therapies. By funding and conducting research, we learn more Care Team RoC’s dedicated team of Care Specialists is here to help clients [...]