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WATCH as we drive through Kabul, Afghanistan with our Troops, Fund Raising and More…

WATCH as we drive through Kabul, Afghanistan with our Troops, Fund Raising and More
We have uploaded to our YouTube page sixteen (16) NEW videos from our August 2011 trip to Afghanistan with our Troops. On one of them we are driving through Kabul, Afghanistan.
I invite you to go check out the other videos as well. More from Afghanistan will be added over the next few weeks. All of the videos from our Iraq and Kuwait trip in July 2011 are on our YouTube page too. These videos are also going on our Facebook FAN Page.

I will have details on each of the NEW Afghanistan Video Episodes with our Troops in our
Dec 1, 2011 issue of
Below is some information that you might have some interest to you concerning our plans for the end of 2011 and into 2012:
1. In about a week I will be sending out a Major News Release to announce the launching of our 2011 Trip to Iraq and Kuwait DVD Books. There will be four to start. Three more will follow as soon as we get the last Afghanistan videos posted here.
I can email the news release to you now if you want to see it. Email me at:
I can also email you a photo image of what the first four DVD's will look like. They are in production now through my friend Bill at Ft Benning. I will post this News Release here and on all our social networking sites. We ask everybody who supports our Troops and Veterans to get this information out to everybody they can!
In 2010 we released two DVD Books from Iraq through a Free Affiliate Site that can be customized for individuals, groups and companies who agree to help get our troops stories out. We are going to use this system again for our 2011 DVD Books. You can see mine at

You can enroll there at no cost. More Details will be available for those who are interested.
2. Eric our webmaster, good friend for over 15 years, and long time sponsor introduced me to an interesting company a little over a week ago. In the mid 80's I did very well in a network marketing company called Herbalife. I trained hundreds weekly. I was on their millionnaire team for over 2 years. Until now I have not found anything in network marketing that would work for non profits due to the costs network marketing companies charge and their ongoing requirements.
Eric introduced me to a company with FREE enrollment. There are no monthly fees. The President of the Company is a Veteran. You can find out about this on my affiliate site

Each person who enrolls at No Cost receives their own website just like mine with no monthly fees. When we enroll we agree to receive up to five text advertisements per day on our cell phones. We then invite others to do the same. This is where the fund raising comes in. TextCashNetwork then Shares back with affiliates part of the advertising revenue and they do this on 10 levels. It costs us and it costs people we introduce No Money.
On Dec 12th TextCashNetwork will introduce a service very similar to Groupon and LivingSocial. Most people know how fast they have grown to tens of millions of customers. TextCashNetwork is being launched by an established company. They will share the advertising revenue with us from people who have enrolled through our Free TextCashNetwork websites.
I am looking forward to helping others increase their income and to help military support and veterans groups and non profits to raise more funds monthly for their projects. We can do this through our FREE TalkingWithHeroes Affiliate Program and now also through TCN.
Please SHARE these Videos with our Troops with your Friends and Families. For those of you on other Social Networking Sites you can also SHARE these Videos with your Friends there too.
Our Troops would like their mostly unheard Progress and Positive Stories to be heard across America.
We invite you to Help!!

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