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TalkingwithHeroes back from Iraq and Afganistan – Listen to Marc Bernier Interview 24/7

Bob Calvert was interviewed by Talk Show Host Marc Bernier LIVE in front of a Studio Audience on Sept 15th. Bob talked about the Troops he interviewed in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan – July and August of 2011. There were some great questions from students in the auditorium and callers. Bob makes an Appeal – A Call To Action for our Troops. You can Now Listen 24/7!!

Bob Calvert Returns from Iraq and Afganistan

Listen to his LIVE Interview by Talk Show Host

Marc Bernier

You and Everybody can Now Listen 24/7

Click on 09/15/11 – Bob Calvert Townhall

Bob makes an appeal to ALL Americans who Support Our Troops and Families.

After you listen please forward info about this interview to everybody you can!!!

Thanks to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Bob has completed his 5th trip over with the troops to Iraq and his 3rd trip with the troops to Afghanistan.

Thanks to the videographers who teamed up with Bob.

Thanks to Mark Lyden with who introducted Bob to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Mark Bernier will interview Bob Sept 15th LIVE in front of an audience – LIVE over AM Radio and – LIVE over the internet.

Listen to incredible stories of our amazing troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

WATCH Videos as they are coming online with Raw Footage at:


For more Info on Talking With Heroes Program:

To Contact Bob and Talking With Heroes

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